Scent City Candle Co offers an assortment of traditional ceramic wax warmers to fill your space with wonderful fragrances without the use of sprays, incense or traditional candles.

Each ceramic wax warmer comes with three (3) tealight candles. Warmers can hold a maximum of two (2) cubes from any of our 6-pack wax melts at a time.


***Wax Melts are sold separately here***


Dimensions: 4"x4"x4"

Wax/Fragrance Oil Warmer

  • Directions: Simply light a tealight candle inside the bottom of the oil/wax burner and add a scented wax melt to the shallow recess at the top. The heat from the candle will fill the space with a lovely aroma. You can use a single scent or mix and match for a custom fragrance.