Care for your Scent City Candles with our line of candle accessories.


Snuff, Don't Blow! Preserve the aroma that has infused your space by snuffing out your scented candle. Safely and properly extinquish your candles using our 9 inch matte black stainless steel candle bell snuffer.  With the dangle bell design, the candle snuffer can easily be used to extinguish both candle containers and tapered candles from any angle. 


Trim Those Wicks!!! Preserve the life of your candle and ensure proper burning by keeping candle wicks trimmed to 1/4 inch before each burn.  Safely trim candle wicks in deep jars, including wood wicks and large outdoor wicks.


Available a la carte or as a set.

Candle Accessories

Color: Black Matte